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Mind Dippers

Mind Dippers isn't a swimming group, we don't swim. We dip. Swimming skills aren't a requirement to come and join us. 

We Dip in the North Sea, surrounding lakes and rivers in the area. 

We can lend wet suits but if you're not comfortable in a wetsuit, shorts and a t-shirt will do fine. As will a bather!

Cold water Therapy can have multiple health benefits, for both your mental and physical wellbeing. 

It can make you feel on top of the world. 

Don't worry if you've never been in the North Sea, don't worry we are here to support you and we very much welcome beginners! 

Dips are weather and tide dependant. Follow us on facebook to see updates on the dips and their whereabouts.

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World Cancer Day 2024

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Our Beach BBQ Fundraiser

Saturday the 5th of August we had one of our biggest Mind Dippers fundraising events so far! 

We held a BBQ on the beach at Boulmer!

We had such an amazing turn out and we have managed to raise a massive £500 for Mind and Sole. 

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us!

A Massive thank you to our leaders for coming along and helping, thank you to the chefs and helpers in the tent and a massive thank you to our organisers! 

St Abbs dip

We set off from the hub to travel up to St Abbs for the Mind Dippers annual boat trip with St Abbs Charter diving/scuba company. The morning started off with drizzle at Alnwick, so we could only hope that once we crossed the Scottish border the sun would shine. It didn’t!!! in fact the rain got heavier......We were worried in case Sally had to cancel once we got up to St Abbs. But we continued. We finally made it and started to make our way down the very steep hill into the beautiful coastal village of St Abbs, looking more like we should be in Devon. The rain had stopped a little...There is hope. 

Everyone arrived down on the harbour, and we started to load our equipment into the boat. We were met by Sally who informed us that there is a bit of a swell on the sea today so we would be staying close to the bay. But we would have a drive out along the cliffs. Brilliant lets go.......

The group started to climb down the ladder into the boat. Its not the best ladder down especially if you are a chicken and don’t like hights!

Once on the boat, we get ourselves ready before leaving the harbour, so we can take in the beautiful scenery of the Scottish coast.

Then after 20 mins the boat stops and Sally points towards the cliffs were the hidden caves were. We all jump in from the boat and start making our way towards the cliffs. What a fantastic experience to be able to take part in. We spent about 30 minutes investigating and giggling our way round the area before making our way back to the boat.

Once on board, it was a quick change and back to the harbour we headed. The day wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a cuppa from the gorgeous café on the harbour and enjoy the heat from the sun warming our chilled bones after our amazing swim.

But then in true British weather fashion the heavens opened, and we made our way to the closest Chippy in Eyemouth for some well deserved Chips.

And what a way to end a fab day…Thank you to

On Saturday the 4th February 2023, Mind and sole and Mind Dippers hosted an event to raise money for Local Cancer Support Groups and Maggie's in Newcastle. We dipped for 10 Mins+ in the Druridge Bay Lake and finished off with homemade cake and sweet treats and a hot cuppa to warm up. We also were lucky to receive goody bags for everyone who participated and our volunteers. 

We managed to sell 28 our of 30 tickets at 10 per piece and raised £280 in those ticket sales and we collected in cash. We are currently still raising money and will be till the beginning of March!

So far  in total we have raised £430 and our goal is to raise £500. 

Please take a look at the pictures to the right and see our brave dippers, and our fabulous volunteers. 

It isn't too late to donate if you want to support the cause. Donations can be made in cash, if you pop into the hub someone will help you and we also have a donations page online. 

Mind Dippers Cancer Dip 2023

A Massive thank you to Druridge bay for allowing us the time and space to use the lake, a thank you to Northern Cancer Voices, Cancers, Northern Cancer Support, Coping with Cancer, and the Northumberland Cancer patient Group. 

Also a Massive thank you to our directors and Volunteers for tiem time and effort they put into this swim to make it amazing. 

If you wish to donate to the cause, you can follow the QR Code below and make a direct donation :) 

Pay Pay Donation Page.png

Thank You!

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