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About Mind and Sole

Mind and Sole is a Health and Well-being Group Based in Alnwick. 

We have the Mind and Sole Hub, Mind Dippers and The walking and talking sessions. 

Mind and Sole was Set up over 5 Years ago by Founder Chrissy Smith to be the group where everyone was welcome.

Sometimes we feel like we don't fit in, I can assure you, thats not the case for Mind and Sole!

There is a session for everybody wether it be walking or crafts, reading or Knitting. There is a group for you. 

Not to mention the support groups we have at the hub which are peer to peer led.


We also have seasonal events which we run at the hub, wether that be for Easter or Christmas or rounders in the Summer, we have plenty going on for everyone. 

Mind and Sole the Hub has also became a Warm Hub to support the community, you can pop in for a cuppa anytime the shutter is up. 

Pop in and see us <3

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