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Volunteer of the Year award

A massive thank you for the nomination for the volunteer of the year award 2022!

Thursday the 9th February we were invited to attend the Alnwick Playhouse for the Sports Awards for 2022. We were so excited to find out that Chrissy had been nominated for Volunteer of the Year. We were nominated along side some amazing volunteers local to Northumberland who do some amazing work in their communities.

After just being pleased and really proud to be nominated, Chrissy went and won the award!!

As everyone knows, the Directors work really hard to bring Mind and Sole to the Alnwick community this being with out Hub and the Walking and talking session on a Tuesday morning and we wouldn't be able to do it without our amazing team of Directors and our fabulous Volunteers.

Its safe to say we are so excited to have received this award and hopefully we can make 2023 even better, and bring more sessions, dips and walking groups to Alnwick and Northumberland!

Goofy Pose for the Camera!

Thank you, Love Chrissy, Katie and Lynn

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