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Day 4 Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Day 4 of Mental Health Awareness week.


At the Mind and Sole Hub, we run multiple different sessions, these sessions all have a benefit of helping anxiety and reducing stress.

Knitting and crocheting- Working with yarn is great for keeping your hands occupied. This can help calm fidgeting and help clear your mind. All while having these benefits, at the end of your project you have a creation that you can show everyone or wrap yourself in!

Crafting- Crafting is good to lower stress, keeping your brain engaged in an activity. It can boost our confidence and relaxation. Crafting can go along way to help people increase their sense of wellbeing.

The book lovers club- Reading can relax your body, lower your heart rate and ease the tension of your body and muscles. Reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.

Joining a group session is effective for mental health, encouraging social interaction and lower social isolation. It is great for boosting confidence and deal with social situations better.

Find us on Facebook to be up to date on event and session times. Or find our session list online.

For further reading id recommend this website.

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